It is quite disheartening when you realise how humanity’s pursuit for prosperity continues to alter our planet’s water and nutrient cycles, each essential for maintaining earth’s ecosystems. We drain the land of water only to pollute Nature’s myriad of life-sustaining waterways with de-oxygenating, acidifying, contaminant-laden effluent which truly defies any notion of demonstrable respect that we may have for our natural world.

From just a few marine outfalls in the 1900s (with nil Ocean dead zone) to some tens of thousands in use globally has contributed to a 20% Ocean dead zone today. Now, more than 2,000 cubic kilometres of effluent is discharged annually, ever silent, unabatedly destroying all forms of Life.

Such a seismic shift in water balance (Nature’s life blood) has also contributed adversely to Global weather patterns. So, what better way to help tackle Climate change today than to restore Nature’s water cycle to cool the planet.

The solution is simple, instead of continuing to discharge effluent into marine waterways, we must sustainably return this spent water to the land to both restore and develop natural processes including those that encourage sustainable food production for vitalizing impoverished nations.

“Healthy forests typically mean clean water, and people depend on forests for their surface drinking water supplies” Peter Caldwell, hydrologist, U.S Forest Service.

The Baleen technology, inspired by Nature, is key to delivering an engineered solution simply by side-stepping traditional consumable intensive treatments that lead to devastation of natural habitat.

Baleen, technology and company of same name, manufacture pre-built containerised water-resource recovery systems to accommodate an extremely wide range of challenging effluents. These pre-packaged systems are available in two flow capacities; the 20-ft container for pilot installations (upto 250GPM/50kLhr), and the 40-ft container (upto 1,000GPM/250kLhr) for scaled applications.

When Baleen is packaged with ozone treatment, the resulting clarified effluent is re-oxygenated and trace contaminants inactivated. This is not debatable innovation; this is proven technology.